Finally… a blog!

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”

— Sigmund Freud.

Finally found the courage to start a personal blog. I’ve been hesitant as I wasn’t sure I’m ready for it. Oh, the doubts! But here I am. This will be more of my personal thoughts on anything and everything happening around me and inside my head. I’m pretty sure most of what I’ll post here will still be backed up with scientific studies and tangible data like most of my publications. But this. This will have more of a personal touch. I am basically opening up and publishing these spiderweb thoughts of mine! Welcome, I guess… and stay tuned.

By rosaaurorat

Organisation Design is what I do but I'm a Frustrated Writer too.

A board member of the governing body of the European Organisation Design Forum. A Harvard Business Review council. A V-Day Activist, a non-profit organisation to fight violence against women and girls. A world citizen, lover of languages, photography hobbyist, yoga enthusiast and specialty coffee lover. If you are in Amsterdam, visit us at Scandinavian Embassy for great coffee.

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